My trip to home amid Covid-19 outbreak and limitation of flight policy due to the virus spread

Hello, Welcome back again after have a long time no post here.

Yesterday, 23th of April until 24th April 2020 I was so touched. Why? Because I can got back home while my company set their projects off due to the Covid-19 virus spread and this is Ramadan either, moreover Indonesia government suspend all passenger flights from 25th of April 2020 until 31st of May 2020

So, who were not want get back to home on that situation?

Okay, well this is a simple story for it. 🙂

If we work on the project that located in rural area, so far from the crowd with limited options of food, chilly places and all cool stuffs that only offered in town or city, Day-off is d-day that always waited by us. and I as an engineer at the project of Hydro Power in Sulewana village always miss the moment when I can get back to my hometown. But, covid-19 virus obligated me to stay in the project for a while, long time enough though.

Ya, I stay in Project for 1 months longer than usual to wait safer condition for traveling. After I’ve waited for 1 month, got the announcement from the firm management, and finally I can get home in 26th of April 2020. Yes! Actually, when announcement have announced, we realize that this announcement pretty late we thought.

After the firm announced day-off information to all employees, government also announced several information relate to covid-19 outbreak. Yeah, the information that I had to encounter, rethink and watchful. Because, we would never know our destiny despite firm management had take the decision. Were we can go home? or just stay in employee pavilion? Well, I bet you know what I wanted.

What’s happen then? on 21st of April 2020, Indonesia President announced that will lock down all of the transportation in Indonesia and supported by Transportation Ministry statement. Then, at that time, I felt rather panic and want to buy ticket for the next day. Many facts that opened my eyes to take an action (buy ticket, forgot the earlier ticket given by firm), in particular from the broadcasts of friend’s who work on one of the flight firm in Indonesia, so I assure that the information shared was validity checked. and with all of those information that I received, I deduce to BUY NEW TICKET

Kasiguncu Airport of Poso, Central Sulawesi (Personal Documentation)

Actually I was feel hesitant hear that the Ministry of Transportation state that all passenger flight suspended from 24th of April to 31st of May 2020. I was doubt to thought whether I can take the flight or not. In the morning of 24th of April 2020 then I went to the Kasiguncu airport and take the flight. Alhamdulillah, we could flight on time and arrived at Makassar safely on that sunny day.

Vibe of Sultan Hasanuddin Airport amid the Pandemic of Covid-19 (Personal Documentation)

I arrived at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Terminal just on schedule, vibe of the airport was so quiet, It wasn’t like usual vibe of the airport. I wasn’t look the vibe outside of the airport, just headed to the transit agent, and got ready to wait in gate 1 for the next flight to Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport in Sepinggan Balikpapan.

Gate 1 of Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (Personal Documentation)

After I landed to Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport, first thing I saw is the Health officer (Representative of Health Ministry), they give me on form that I had to fill.

Yap, and the form that given from the Health officer assign me to be ODP (Person in observation), and in my location I have to give the temperature report every 07:00 AM to the nearest health officer.

Hopefully we are all stay healthy, and follow all the procedure given by the government. I believe that all the procedure given is the best venture for us.

Be honest if you are observed by the health officer, stay at home if you are healthy and no activity that obligated you to go out, and Happy Ramadan!

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