Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part I and Part II [Book Review]

Book of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in Amazon Fire Tablet View

Be ready to be brought in certain years by several characters in this book, particularly with Albus Potter and The Boy Who Lived, the most well-known character in previous stories and movies that I am sure, all of you have watched them.


This book elaborates further story toward the last movie shown in 2011, on part one, at the beginning of part one, it just tell us back when harry potter and genie brought their children Albus, James and Lily to the train station commuting to the Hogwarts, there were Draco Malfoy and his spouse as well brought Scorpius Malfoy. It was the first year of Albus, James, Lily, Scorpius and Rose (Hermione and Ron’s) becoming the students of Hogwarts.

In part one, the conflicts just start when Albus Potter sorted into Syltherin with Scorpious, and he overthink to brought heavy loads due to his name (from Dumbledore and Harry Potter) also when he met Delphi (Cedric’s Relative, The Boy Who Dead in Triwizard Games) completing by when Albus Potter made mistakes for making journey to the old times.

In this part (part two), more emotional, more drama and more surprising things. For instances, when Harry and Albus have emotinal conflicts in between, complicated friendship between Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter that affecting their dad (Harry and Draco Malfoy), Delphi just shown her madness and made Albus and Scorpius get trapped into the earlier time in 1981 (when Voldemort murdered Harry and Lily [Harry Potter’s Parent]), and Harry altered become Voldemort.


Owing to the writer still the same and have been represented by movies, so we can imagine the situations. It is fascinating if J.K. Rowling bring this to be a movie


It is not really essential, but my comment is the rotation between the player not vary, because it just mainly told about Albus Potter, but James and Lily was not.


I really like this novel because we still can imagine how the situation that told in the stories and also it integrated with the earlier stories due to time-travel part scenario, and many information we gain toward the backgrounds of several character. I’d like to recommend this to you who admit as the fans of Harry Potter stories.


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