Who Moved My Cheese? [Book Review]

Book of Who Moved My Cheese?

Who want a simple story that will touch our mind and change our perspective towards the alteration? Yes, this book will be my recommendation for you. However, I will elaborate a bit review about this book

Anyway, this e-book (pdf) was given by one of my friend from high school after our generation’s community just made a new WhatsApp group, then we shared any fancy books or references that actually useful for us in this age and my favorite fall into “Who Moved My Cheese” written by Dr Spencer Johnson, I don’t really know about the author but this book just triggered me to post this review.


This story still fancy although only conducted by 4 characters, 2 men and 2 mouses. 2 men in this story have really small body size, it is approximately the same as the mouses in this story (if you imagine this, the mouse still in its proper size), okay just abandon this. Continuing this, they are actually living in a maze, large maze with complex arrangement, and both of team, men and mouses are liking cheese and set it as the only food they can eat in that maze.

By living in a maze, they are struggling to find a place which contain much cheese. Once, they found a station that provides cheese, so much cheese. Then, men and mouses claimed the station as the place they want to be settled. Day after day cheese always emerges in the station, but the quantity goes smaller and smaller, everyone realize the condition but no one care. Until suddenly, one day the cheese in this station disappeared and never ever existed again.

Well, until that time the story become more interesting, can you guess what happen next? What did the men and mouses do in that situation? Just read the book then!


The story is pretty simple and easy to understand, then unconsciously we will get the input and priceless advice. Actually telling this story to friends is great, and hopefully will change our perspective as well.


Because this book is conducted in English so everyone will not really into this book, but it is not pretty hard to understand owing to this book used simple words, although sometimes we find complex word, however, I am sure we still understand those.


This book is fancy and adorable, it is not containing many pages but recommended. Everyone should read this either for accompanying their leisure time or to be reference for office leadership speech. In a nutshell, I give this book……..


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